Lost.Optics is a Romanian artist whose style can be described as post graffiti, futuristic style with digital art influences. The combination of bright colours, specific geometry and peculiar modeling of the whole suggest the artists sophisticated aesthetic approach. He started writing in the streets of his hometown back in 2001, but it was ten years later when his career started to kick off. Without a formal art education, his work is based on his sense of experimenting, urban exploration, as well as his love for geometry, always trying to give more potential to decaying industrial spaces with different surfaces and textures.
He currently works and lives in Bucharest.


​M​y solo group show, CAV Multimedia, Bucharest, (RO), 2018
Group show, Galateca, Bucharest, (RO), 2018
Art Factory, Bucharest, (RO), 2018
Fresh, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest, (RO), 2018
One Night Gallery, Bucharest, (RO), 2018
Kunst: Honey Badger Takes Over, St. Moritz, (CH), 2017
Absolute Freedom (group exhibition), Gregersen Art Point, Budapest, (HU), 2016
Sketch Jam (group exhibition), White Night of the Galleries , Urban Collectors, Bucharest, (RO), 2016
Urban Art Archives: Chimopar (group exhibition), Urban Collectors, Bucharest, (RO), 2016
Sweet Corner (crew exhibition), White Night of the Galleries, Bucharest, (RO), 2015
Punct de fuga (solo exhibition), Atelierul de Producţie, Bucharest, (RO),2014
Styles and letters (group exhibition), Vinylz Store, Berne,  (CH) 2014
Sweet Damage Crew (crew exhibition), Colectiv, Bucharest, (RO), 2014
GrowArt Camp (group exhibition),
ArtHub Gallery, Bucharest, (RO), 2013
Sweet Damage Exhibition (crew exhibition), The Trafalgar, Bucharest, (RO)
Unupunctzero (group exhibition), Nexus, Bucharest, (RO), 2013
Young Vibe Gallery (group exhibition), The Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest (RO), 2013
The Plot, White Night of the Galleries, Bucharest, (RO), 2011
Cosmonotrips (group exhibition),
Atelierul de Producţie, Bucharest, (RO), 2011
Zoom 2nd Edition (group exhibition),
Fratelli Studio, Bucharest, (RO), 2011


Calle Libre festival, Viena, (AU), 2018
Waterford Walls, Waterford, (IE), 2018
Roskilde festival, Roskilde, (DK), 2018
iBUG, Chemnitz, (DE), 201​8​
Outline festival, Bucharest, (RO), 2018

Meeting of Styles, Budapest, (HU), 2016, 2017
International Street Art Festival Sibiu,  Sibiu, (RO), 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Step in the Arena, Eindhoven, (NL), 2016
Urban Collectors Mural, Bucharest, (RO), 2016
Eat Side Street Art Festival, Sweet Damage Crew, Bialystok, (PL), 2016
Open Camp Vaslui , (RO), 2016
Re:collect Urban Art Festival, Tulcea, (RO), 2016
Ars Urbana Iasi, (RO), 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Wake Up Sotavento, Monte Gordo, (PT) 2015
Meeting of Styles, Wiesbaden, (DE), 2015
Re:collect Urban Art Festival, Lecce, (IT), 2015
Transylvania International Music and Art Festival, Cluj, (RO), 2013, 2014
Train Delivery, Bucharest, (RO), 2014
Street Delivery, Bucharest, (RO), 2014
Meeting of Styles, Magdeburg, (DE), 2014
Sreet Art Contest, Constanta, (RO),2014
Re:mapping graffiti and street-art festival, Roman, (RO), 2014
Rahova Delivery, mural, Bucharest, (RO), 2013
Balcans Graffiti Jam, Varna, (BG), 2012, 2013
Ironlak Bbq Burner, Bucharest, (RO), 2013
Train Delivery, Bucharest, (RO), 2013
Urban Art, Bacau, (RO), 2011, 2013
Street Heroes, Bucharest, (RO), 2010, 2011, 2013

Laser graffiti session, The long night of short movies,Bucharest, (RO)
Shabla Lighthouse Graffiti Festival, Shabla, (BG) 2012
Balcans Graffiti Jam, Varna, (BG), 2012
Live performance graffiti, The Plot, White Night of the Galleries, Bucharest, (RO), 2011
Live painting, Triptic Library , Bucharest, (RO), 2011
Street Delivery , Bucharest, (RO), 2011
Urban Art Atelier, Moinesti, (RO), 2010
Graffiti International Festival, Timisoara, (RO), 2010